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Perkins-Tryon’s Logan Allen – North OK Athlete Spotlight – Presented By the Law firm of Boettcher Devinney Ingle and Wicker

By Ember McElrath 

Girls golf team member Logan Allen has been around golf most of her life, but didn’t start playing seriously until her freshman year of high school. Now a senior at Perkins High School Logan is glad she made the decision to join the team. 

“Sports to me is all about being competitive and respectful,” said Logan. 

Not only is Logan dedicated to golf she is also an active member of the art club, international club, and NASA. She also has been involved with the bowling team, but unfortunately, they did not have a season this year. 

“Balancing school and life is a little difficult,” said Logan. “Even if it may be difficult, doing it little by little is better than just doing nothing at all.”

Staying motivated can be difficult for her at times, but she stays focused by keeping her goals in mind.

“Having motivation is not an easy task,” said Logan. “I like to remind myself how far I have come and how much work I have put in.”

Another great driving factor for Logan would be the people looking up to her. 

“The fans I have mean so much to me, they motivate me into doing better,” Logan said.

Growing up Logan lived where they had a long rock driveway. Instead of going to the driving range she made her own. 

“I would go outside on the driveway, find the roundest rocks, and I would hit them with my irons,” said Logan. “Those are pretty good memories.” 

Family for Logan is everything and her biggest inspiration. 

“They help me through thick and thin,” said Logan. “I know they will always be there for me.” 

After high school Logan plans on going to college and preparing for the upcoming golf season at Central Methodist University, which she is very excited for. 

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