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Stillwater’s Christi Barr – Mom of the Month – Presented By Stillwater Women’s Clinic

The city of Stillwater is home to many things that are viewed as Oklahoma traditions. From Eskimo Joe’s to Oklahoma State University, and the Pioneers of Stillwater High School are a few reasons Stillwater is a great place to raise a family. Christi Barr is originally from Stillwater and now her twins, Caroline and Allie are attending Stillwater Public Schools. 

“I have been involved with my twins’ activities since their start in Stillwater Public Schools. It is my number one priority. To guide them and lead them into productive and successful citizens of the community. I have no greater responsibility,” said Barr. 

As the mother of two 17-year-old girls, Barr said she stays busy with their activities. 

“Caroline is on the varsity cheer squad and has been cheering for the schools since eighth grade. Her twin sister, Allie, is very academically inclined and involved in leadership activities at the high school. Both are equally as important,” said Barr. “Me and my husband do not miss a single activity that involves our children. We certainly know time is fleeting and are enjoying these most special years.” 

For Barr, being part of the community in Stillwater has a deeper meaning. 

“I am personally a product of Stillwater Public Schools having graduated in 1988 from SHS. What a great joy and privilege to provide the same amazing upbringing I was afforded as a youth in this town. Stillwater is a close-knit community where anything you dream to be is possible,” said Barr. “It certainly takes a village. I have a long line of immediate family that live in Stillwater also. We are all equally represented at every event involving any of our family.” 

The teachers, coaches and administration are three big reasons why Barr believes there is no better place for her kids to attend school.

“My girls have had some of the most amazing educators and mentors through this school system. Caroline is poured into daily from her cheer coach, Mrs. Carolyn Walstad, whom she so adores. Allie has numerous teachers and counselors who have been so instrumental in her most impressionable years. Just an amazing core group of adults who make a difference every single day in not only my twins, but all children lucky enough to be a part of Stillwater Public Schools,” said Barr. “The most amazing and special part of being so involved in my girls path are the cherished friends and people we’ve grown close to along the way. The collaboration of effort from everyone who have planted seeds of empathy, care and compassion into my children making them amazing young ladies. It truly is a group effort and a joy to witness.” 

Barr serves as the president of the cheer booster club, treasurer of the junior high tennis booster club and she helps every week with the weekend food sack program for Stillwater Middle School. 

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