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Ponca City’s Margaret Blackstar – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Tom Henley of Shelter Insurance

By Derrick Smith

Athletes that want to excel and be their best have to be willing to put in the time and effort. They also have to be willing to make sacrifices so that they can get better. Margaret Blackstar knows what it takes to be a successful athlete.

“For me to be where I am today, I have had to work really hard for it,” she said. “I missed so many birthday parties and times with friends just to dedicate myself to my craft. And so far it has all paid off. I also have learned over the years that it is okay to make mistakes, it’s just the way to come back from them that shows your true character.”

Blackstar is a senior at Ponca City High School where she is a multisport athlete. She plays outfield and first base on the softball team, while on the basketball court, you will find her playing in the post. Margaret first began playing sports when she was four years old and she has been playing ever since. 

Though she has had many people help along the way, Margaret says that there are a couple of people that have been in her corner all the time.

“My parents are my role models,” she said. “They work so hard in everything they do. They do anything they can to make sure I and my family are loved and cared for. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.”

There have been a lot of great memories that Margaret has made throughout her career. But she says that one personal accomplishment has definitely been her favorite moment so far.

“My favorite memory of playing sports happened during my freshman year,” she said. “We were playing in regionals for softball and I hit a grand slam. It was an awesome experience to share with my teammates.”

Outside of sports, Blackstar is also senior class vice president, student council representative, member of the National Honor Society, Students Standing Strong, and Youth Traffic Court. She says that there is something that she thanks for everything she has.

“In the end, I give all glory to God,” she said. “I am so grateful for everyone who has impacted my life so far.”

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