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Morrison’s Joe and John Kuhn: Oklahoma Air National Guard Spotlight

John Kuhn of Morrison, Oklahoma joined the Oklahoma Air National Guard in August of 2020. His younger brother Joe has followed in his footsteps and is currently waiting on a date for basic training. 

The pair will serve with the 138th Fighter Wing located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For John, joining the Air National Guard was the right fit for him and is something he would like to turn into a career. 

“I am a part of the 138th Security Forces squadron,” John said. “I am currently an A1C/E-3. I do plan on making the ANG a career.” 

While Joe is still waiting on a date for basic training, he enlisted in October of 2021 and will serve as a traditional guardsman like John. But Joe has chosen a different career field. 

“When I return from basic training and technical school I will serve as a 3D1 or Cable and Antenna,” said Joe. 

Joe will attend technical training in Wichita Falls, Texas at Sheppard AFB. 

Both Kuhn brothers are aware of the benefits the Air National Guard provides its members. John plans on taking full advantage of the education benefits. 

“I was able to use a semester worth just before I left for BMT (Basic Military Training) and Tech School,” John said. “I am planning on taking full advantage of the benefits. It is a great opportunity to get school paid for. It also helps you network and get to know people that would help you at the drop of a hat and looks good on a resume.” 

Joe is starting a new career in the civilian world that could develop into a long-term career, but like John, making the Air National Guard a full career is something he is planning to do as well.

“I do plan on making it a career out of the Air National Guard,” said Joe. “It’s a good decision to join but at the end of the day, do what’s best for you.” 

In their free time, both John and Joe enjoy attending games at Oklahoma State University and spending time with friends.

“In my free time I like to go to football games, shoot, and hang out with my friends and family,” said John. 

“I enjoy basketball, bowling, Oklahoma State University games and hanging out with friends,” said Joe. 

Both John and Joe are welcomed additions to the 138th Fighter Wing as they embark on their military careers serving the state of Oklahoma and the United States of America. 

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