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Stillwater’s Christy Harland – Mom of the Month – Presented By Stillwater Women’s Clinic

By Derrick Smith

Priorities are an important part of life. If you do not have your priorities straight, some things that you had hoped would happen may not happen and it can affect a lot of areas of your life. Christy Harland and her husband make sure that their children know what their priorities should be. She knows that if they stick with those, they will be on the path to success.

“In our home, our first priority is Jesus,” she said. “Then it is our family, education, and then sports. All of these things teach us to find our strengths, work on our weaknesses, and never give up. My husband and I believe that we were given our four children to support, teach and train to be all that they were created to be. They all have been blessed with strong athletic abilities. It is our job to help them be their very best with determination, leadership, and hard work.”

Harland has four children in the Stillwater school district. Chrissen is a senior and plays basketball, soccer, and track. Freshmen Crayton and Christyona both compete in basketball and soccer, and the youngest is Chrislyn who is a fifth grader and plays basketball and soccer as well. 

Christy is a special education teacher which she loves and would not trade for anything.

“I enjoy encouraging and mentoring children to discover their unique gifts to believe that they are created for something very special.”

Along with being there to support their children, Christy and her husband are also involved in other ways.

“My husband and I are on the board for Stillwater High School girls’ basketball and Stillwater High School boys’ and girls’ soccer booster clubs.”

Harland says that she is thankful that her children are a part of such an outstanding school district. 

“The school has given each of them an opportunity to achieve in the classroom with 4.0 GPA’s, as well as on the basketball court and soccer field.”

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