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Athlete Spotlight: Blackwell’s Skyler Landwehr – Presented by Stillwater Medical Blackwell Primary Care

By Derrick Smith 

Almost all athletes have a role model that they look up to who helps be an example for them. This person may play the same sport as them or it could just be someone that they respect and want to be like. Skyler Landwehr says that his biggest role models are a group of people. 

“When I was a freshman, sophomore, and junior, I always looked up to the seniors,” he said. “They always pushed us to do our best every day. And they put in one hundred percent effort and expected us to do the same. I appreciated that and I always want to do the best that I can no matter what I am doing.” 

Skyler is a senior at Blackwell High School, where he is a multi-sport athlete. He plays safety on the football field, shooting guard on the basketball court, and runs the 4×400 as a member of the track team. Throughout his career, Landwehr and his teammates have competed against a number of different schools, but out of all of them, he says that there is one that he enjoyed facing the most. 

“Tonkawa would have to be the opponent that I enjoy beating the most,” he stated. “They have been our school’s rival for over thirty years so anytime we can beat them is great. My favorite memory of playing sports is when we beat them by four points in basketball. It was definitely a great win.” 

The success that he has enjoyed has been great, but Landwehr knows that he could not have done it without his teammates. 

“I have a lot of great teammates,” he said. “The one that I battle with in practice the most is James Bennett, mainly because he is my brother and I like beating him in anything. I would have to say that Peyton Jones is probably the least appreciated on our team only because no one really talks about the lineman but he’s a huge asset to our team.” 

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