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Corridor Sports Zone

Chandler’s Jarin GreenField – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Thompson’s Insurance Agency

By Derrick Smith

Kids in today’s generation have the ability to know what is going on with their favorite team or player in a matter of seconds. Jarin Greenfield likes to keep up with a number of different sports, so he says that there is one entity that he follows on social media to get all the info he needs.

“SportsCenter is the one I follow the most on Instagram,” he said. “It just keeps me updated with everything that is going on with games while I’m too busy with my own games to watch them.”

A senior at Chandler High School, Greenfield plays both football and baseball for the Lions. While they play different opponents each game, Jarin says that there is one team that he enjoys beating the most, no matter what sport.

“Stroud is who I always want to beat,” he said. “Everyone in Chandler dislikes Stroud because they are our rivals. So anytime we can beat them in competition, it is a good day.”
Becoming the athlete that he is today has not been the easiest, but Greenfield says that having good role models to look up to has made it easier. 

“Working hard no matter what, is a big key to being successful,” he said. “I have had to keep grinding even when I did not want to. My mom does a great job at helping me stay focused and keeping me motivated. My dad is someone else that I look up to because he has been pretty successful in his life. Sports wise, David Ortiz is a role model. I used to make my dad turn on the Red Sox game every night they played and would only watch ‘Big Poppy’.”

Jarin has had some accomplishments throughout his athletic career, but he says that there is one that he is most proud of.
“It was my freshman year,” he recalled. “We had a baseball team full of seniors, but I made varsity and was the starting catcher. We made it to state that year.”

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