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Blackwell’s Eyzic Burke – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Stillwater Medical of Blackwell

By Derrick Smith

Rivalries play a big part in high school sports. Whether it is on the football field, the basketball court, or another sport, there is a sense of pride that makes you want to see your team beat the other team. Blackwell’s Eyzic Burke says that his favorite opponent to play, no matter the sport, is Perry High School. And his reason is simple-they both have the same mascot.

“Perry is a team that I enjoy going up against the most,” he stated. “It always comes down to the last inning in baseball or the last quarter in football to see who the real Maroons are.”

One thing that helps a team be the most successful is putting in the work and being prepared. There are a few other things that Burke adds to that list. 

“Hard work on and off the field is key to being a success no matter what sport you play,” he said. “Also, listening to the coaches, and always staying positive no matter what the outcome of the game is.”

Eyzic, who is a freshman at Blackwell High School, is a member of the school’s football, baseball, and track teams. He enjoys the game but says that his biggest motivation is for a group that supports him, especially one person who is still a role model for him.

“My parents, friends, and coaches are my biggest motivation,” he said. “They have always been in my corner and ready to help me whenever and however they can. I want to play my best to show them how much their support has been. My dad, Greg Hurst, is the role model that I look up to. He always wakes up and crawls out of bed tired and sore from the hard day that he had just worked. Watching him walk out the door makes me notice that he doesn’t work these long, hard, back-breaking hours for himself, but for his family to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.”

Along with playing sports, Burke is also a member of the student council and the Future Farmers of America.

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