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Blackwell’s Kylie Lorg – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Stillwater Medical – Blackwell

Some athletes begin playing sports at an early age. Others do not start until they are a little older. Kylie Lorg is a part of the first group and she says that it is all thanks to her family.

“I have been playing sports since I was three years old,” she said. “I first got interested because my whole family has always played sports.

Lorg is finishing up her freshman year at Blackwell High School, where she plays softball and basketball, and is also a member of the Future Farmers of America program.

As an athlete, there are a few different things that Kylie enjoys about being on a team. She says that over the years, she has made a lot of great memories with her team that has helped them grow closer as a unit.

“The best part of being a part of playing high school sports is the competition,” Lorg said. “I like how my coaches are always pushing me to be better. I think that my favorite memory was probably when we had team dinners and got to bond as a team and have fun. Those were really great times.”

There are a number of people that have helped Kylie get to where she is today and she says that she is the person she is today because of them.

“My coaches and my parents are my biggest motivation and supporters,” she said. “My teammates push me to be my best and are always there when I’m doing good or bad. My role models are my coaches for travel ball and school ball, and also my parents.”

Whenever Lorg and her teammates step out onto the field or court, it does not matter who the opponent is. She is always ready to get a victory.

“I don’t have a particularly favorite opponent,” she said. “But getting to beat teams who we haven’t beaten in the past is always nice.”

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