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Blackwell’s Peyton Jones – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Stillwater Medical of Blackwell

By Derrick Smith

There is a lot of hard work that goes into an athlete becoming the best that they can be. While physical and mental preparation is important, there is another aspect that can play a big part in an athlete’s development.

Peyton Jones is a multisport athlete for the Blackwell Maroons. He is a member of the school’s football, basketball, and track teams. He says that while the work has helped him become a solid athlete, there have been other things that have been just as important. 

“There have been two things that have been an important part of my growth, both as a person and an athlete. First, you have to always have respect for the coaches. They are the coaches for a reason. The other thing is to never quit. No matter how tough it gets, if you work through it, it will make you better and stronger.”
Throughout his career, Jones has experienced a number of outstanding moments on and off the field of play. But he says that his favorite thing so far has been when he knew that his hard work was being noticed.

“The highlight moment of my life would have to be when I received my first potential offer,” he said. “It felt great to get that and to know that my work was not done in vain.”

Brent Parker, who is the head football coach of the Blackwell football program, says that Peyton is an outstanding kid that puts in the work. 

“He is a great kid, both on and off the field,” he said. “Peyton is well-liked by all and is a leader by example. He is a hard worker and is a solid member of our team.”

When he is not working or practicing, Peyton, who is a junior, likes to catch up on his social media. While he follows a few different people, he says that there is one person that he enjoys following the most.

“Tom Brady is my favorite account to follow,” he said. “He is a great quarterback and posts a lot of good stuff.”

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