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Blackwell’s Riley Fleshman – blackwell maroons athlete spotlight – presented by bancfirst blackwell

By Ember McElrath 

Blackwell High School student Riley Fleshman was born and raised in the town of Blackwell and he would not have it any other way. Riley is in his final and senior year at the high school and is making the most of every last moment he has there. Being an active student athlete is important to him. He plays on the football team as well as being a member of the boys golf team. 

“For me, golf and all sports is all about commitment and hard work,” Riley said. 

He got into sports because he grew up watching professional sports and he wanted to do the same things he was watching on tv. 

Balancing schoolwork and sports as well as maintaining a social life in high school can be a challenge at times, but Riley knows what is most important right now and makes sure to do that first. 

“I balance school and life by making school my number one priority,” Riley said. 

When school or life is not going the way he planned, Riley does not waste time being down or complaining. 

“When times get tough I always focus on the bright side of things,” said Riley.

Being a senior and student athlete Riley is aware of the example he needs to be setting for those around him. He is constantly working to be someone underclassmen can look up to and emulate. 

Riley’s father got him started in golf when he was young, but he did not get serious into the sport until this year. 

“My favorite part about golf is playing on all the new courses,” Riley said. 

His most memorable moment from golf would be when he made his first ever birdie. 

After high school Riley plans on attending a college and pursuing a degree in computer science. 

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