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Blackwell’s Warren Gerboth – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Stillwater Medical- Blackwell

Warren Gerboth has made a big impact on Blackwell athletics.

Gerboth, a junior at Blackwell High School, has played basketball since the third grade. He has been a member of the varsity team for two years, and he dominates the court as a center.

Gerboth shared that finding success when playing at such a young age is what led him to play throughout high school.

“I played on a team in fifth grade and we went undefeated, so it really helped my confidence in playing,” he said.

His confidence was a big aid in his success in becoming a member of the varsity team.

Gerboth shared that what he enjoys most about basketball after playing for many years is both the competitive and technical aspects.

“I like the competition, and I enjoy learning about the game,” he stated.

He has used basketball to grow mentally and physically as an athlete.

It is clear that Gerboth not only values the game, but he also values the bond that he has created with his teammates over the years, and he strives to lead those that he is close to. As an upperclassman, he chooses to lead his team by promoting unity among all of the players while also being a constant positive influence in everyone’s lives.

“I am a leader in the way I create bonds and try to help everyone have a positive outlook on things,” Gerboth said.

Strong leadership is vital for the success of any team.

As an experienced basketball player who has many years on the court under his belt, Gerboth offered some advice to anyone who may be looking to invest in playing basketball in the future.

“It definitely takes skill, but it feels good to perform for your school and be on a team with your friends,” he said.

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