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Mom of the Month Ponca City’s Amber Scott – Presented by Ponca City Real Estate Co.

By Derrick Smith

Amber Scott is amother of three student athletes and she loves to watch her children learn and grow.

“It’s also important for the kids to see that you care about what they are doing,” she stated. “I am fortunate that I am able to go to their competitions. I know so many parents are not able to be there like I am so I try to make every one of those kids know that I care and that even though their mom or dad aren’t there, I’m there to yell in their place. To some of them I know it makes a difference.”

Amber is a graduate of Ponca City High School. While she was a student, she also ran cross country and track. Now, her three children attend and are competing for the Wildcats.

“Lorin is a junior and she is captain for the cross country team,” she said. “She also dances for AIM dance studio on their competition team and is a Po-Hi Stepper. Grady is an eighth grader. He runs on the cross country team and he plays soccer for PC United Club. My fifth grader, Nolyn, plays baseball, but he will run cross country next year.”

For her children and kids in general, Scott is a proponent of kids plays sports because it is more than just about the sport.

“I think sports, or any extracurricular activity are important for kids,” Amber said. “It teaches them to work with others which will help them in life as well. It gives them pride in themselves when they make a new personal record or if they run really well. Or if they score a goal or get first place. That sense of accomplishment is good for them.”

Scott currently serves as President of the Ponca City Cross Country Booster Club. She goes to every meet and practice and helps however she can.

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