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Ponca City Mom of the Month – Ashley Brown – Presented by The Ponca City Real Estate Co.

Athletics can play a big role in the lives of elementary and high school students. Not only does it help them grow physically, but they also learn about teamwork, how to deal with wins and losses, and a lot of other things. Ashley Brown is the mother of Ponca City student-athletes and she says that being a part of her kid’s sports is vital.

“It’s important to always be involved in your kid’s sports,” she said. “When you are involved it gives them more to look forward to knowing you are always there cheering them and their teammates on.”

Brown, who is a graduate of Ponca City High School, now has two athletes in the district she used to attend. Kadence Elliot is in the ninth grade and plays softball, while fourth-grader Kacen Brown plays soccer and basketball.

When she is not watching or helping with her kids teams, Ashley is the Office Manager for Clark Contracting. When she has free time, she enjoys spending it with her kids.

“I try to stay involved with my kid’s sports by being there and supporting them and their teammates, working with them at home in their free time when they need help. I always volunteer to help with anything the team or coaches need help with.”

Ponca City’s head softball coach, Jeneva Nelson says that Ashley is supportive of all the team members, not just her kids.

“She was at almost every game, was supportive of all the girls and coaches, helped with our team bonding, and truly cares about all the girls,” Nelson said. “She also is our team shirt lady. She made our shirts for all our extra events and puts so much thought into what we do for the girls.”

As an alumnus of Ponca City, having her kids attend school in the district was an easy choice.

“What I love about my kid’s school is all the kids that play sports together are more like family than just teammates, everyone is there cheering on the whole team.”

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