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Ponca City Mom of the Month – Molly Kyler – Presented by The Ponca City Real Estate Co.

Coaches and athletes work hard in order to prepare for game day. Another big group of people that you will find at games are parents, like Molly Kyler. She says that being a part of her children’s lives and being there to support them is very important to her.

“Personally, I make my involvement a priority,” she stated. “I may not have been a high-performing athlete myself, but hard work is my superpower. I’m always willing to do more than my part to support, not only my children but the programs they are involved in. When struggling to create balance, I pose a question to myself that I learned in my coaching training. I ask, ‘If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?’ Then I ask myself the reverse. So often, by saying yes to being involved in your kids’ athletic efforts, you are saying ‘yes’ to a better relationship with your child, you are saying ‘yes’ to building a more confident leader, and you are saying ‘yes’ to family; more often than not, all of that outweighs what you might be saying no to.”

Molly is the mother of two. Her oldest, Mallory, is in college and she performs and majors in music theatre. Her son, Bo, is a junior at Ponca City High School, where he plays football and serves as student council treasurer and a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council.

When she is not watching one of her kids compete, Molly is the Executive Director of Business and Industry Services at Pioneer Technology Center. She is also a credentialed life and executive coach.

While she enjoys supporting her kids in their sports, Molly says that the sports they play will help them become better athletes and people.

“Being involved in sports not only encourages physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, it also creates opportunities for our young people to know when to step up and take charge or responsibility for something beyond themselves. At a time when it seems like our society seems so divisive, being a part of a team can really bring people together.”

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