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Ponca City Teacher of the Month – Kirk Hamlin – Presented by First National Bank of Oklahoma

Teachers do a lot of things to help their students grow and become better citizens. Sometimes, the lesson is less about school work and more about life. As a teacher, Kirk Hamlin knows that what his students take from his class is something he hopes they carry with them for a long time.

“I enjoy connecting with students,” Hamlin said. “I like to help them learn content, but also help them with things that will guide them well beyond my class. Before I became a teacher, I had worked with kids prior and just love to see their eyes light up the first time they get it and really understand a new idea or concept.”

Kirk teaches at both Ponca City High Schoo and West Middle School. He currently teaches sixth, seventh, & ninth grade Special Education Math, but in the past, he has taught United States History, Geography, Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra of Finance. He said that his first five years as a certified teacher were spent as a teacher and lead teacher at the Marland Children’s Home, which was a DHS group home with an on-site school setting.

His wife of twenty-four years, Angela, is a school psychologist at Ponca City schools. They have two daughters; Jessica is a special education paraprofessional and Kimberlyn is a junior at Ponca City High School.

Throughout his teaching career, Hamlin has received advice from other teachers but he says that there is one that he tries to keep in his mind.

“They told me that not understanding something the first time was not a big deal,” he said. “It just gives you a chance to learn it another way.”

When he is not in the classroom teaching, Kirk has other things that he enjoys doing.

“I enjoy spending time with my family,” he said. “My daughters are both avid bowlers, Kimberlyn is on the Ponca City High School Girl bowling team and Jessica is the head coach. The team won the State Championship last year.”

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