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Ponca City’s Ann Jackson – Mom of the Month -Presented by the ponca city real estate

By Ember McElrath 

Mom to four wonderful kids, Ann Jackson, was honored to be recognized as Ponca City’s Mom of the Month. 

“Being an active Mom in my children’s life is so important to me,” said Ann. 

Ann has been volunteering for as long as she can remember. Both of her parents were big on volunteering their time to their community and to Ann’s activities growing up so it just came naturally to her. 

“I really enjoy volunteering because no matter how small your role is it matters,” Ann said. “It takes everyone working together to have success and I really enjoy working with committees or organizations that get things done as a group.”

As her children have grown up Ann has held several different volunteer positions and titles. 

“In PTA I believe I’ve served almost all the executive board titles,” said Ann. “In Booster clubs for sports groups, I have also taken on leadership roles, but happy to support and do whatever other volunteers need me to.” 

Holding all of these different roles over the years, her volunteering can look a bit different each and every day. 

“There are no typical days for me; I take everything with a go with the flow attitude,” said Ann. “I make a list every night of what needs to be done the next day and just check them off as a I go.”

Before children Ann earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught to help support her husband while he finished his law degree. Once they started having children Ann got the amazing opportunity to stay home and raise her children full time. 

“I love the fact that I can attend all the kid’s events and be there for them when they need me,” Ann said. 

In Ann’s free time she enjoys reading, working on the lawn and recently taking up the sport of golf. 

“All of my boys golf so I’m trying to learn the game, but it is really frustrating,” said Ann. 

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