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Ponca City’s Anthony McCrary Teacher Spotlight Presented by First National Bank Ponca City

A career in education can be a rewarding one for those that chose that path. Not only are you doing a job that you enjoy, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of the next generation. Anthony McCrary is a teacher at Ponca City High School and he enjoys being a part of his students’ journey.

“I truly enjoy building relationships with my students and watching them grow throughout their high school years,” he said. 

Anthony teaches Personal Financial Literacy and Oklahoma History to freshmen, while for seniors, he teaches U.S. Government and AP U.S. Government.

The decision on what subject to teach was an easy one for McCrary. Also, his instructors in college helped him make the decision to be an educator.

“All of my professors in the Social Sciences department at Southwestern Oklahoma State University were very impactful to my decision to be a teacher,” he said. “Hertzel, Gates, Hayden, Endicott, and Kodumthara were all important. As for the subject I teach, I have always loved history and having a job where I get paid to talk about it seemed like the perfect fit.”

Throughout his life and career, there have been many pieces of advice that Anthony has been given. And while a lot of them were good advice, one still sticks with him to this day. 

“My high school Ag teacher, JC Bunch, told me right before I started my first year ‘Teaching is a noble profession that has big impacts. Just remember that those impacts are not often seen immediately, but later in life’.”

When he is not in the classroom, McCrary enjoys spending time with his wife and three children; Carson, Hailey, and Zander. He also loves to cook and read. He will also watch about any sporting event he can find, although his favorite teams are the Miami Hurricanes and the St. Louis Cardinals.

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