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Ponca City’s Bethany Klein – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Cowley College

By Derrick Smith

Athletes have a number of different people that they look up to. Whether it is professional or college athletes, family, or just someone they respect, they look up to these people as an example to model their lives after. Bethany Klein says that the person that had the biggest impact on her life is a former teammate. 

“Naomi Gertken has been a pretty big influence in my life,” she said. “She is two years older than me, and her family and my family have always been close. She is a great volleyball player, and a very good person. she was always a good example of staying true to your values and morals regardless of what other people might think, which is hard when you’re a teenager and face so much peer pressure.”

As a senior at Ponca City High School, Bethany Klein competes in both volleyball and tennis. While she has learned and is learning from a variety of teachers at Ponca City, Bethany says that there is one teacher that made learning more enjoyable. 

“Mr. Taylor, my physics teacher, has had a big influence on my life,” she stated. “He genuinely cares about each of his students, and even students who he hasn’t had in class before. He made learning fun, and he’s just such a kind and joyful.”

Klein says that both of her sports involve hard work to be your best but you also have to keep working even when it is hard. 

“Perseverance is really important when you are wanting to be your best,” she said. “You’re going to have some bad days, but you have to push through and give your best effort even when you’re not feeling it.”

Outside of athletics, Bethany serves as president of Students Standing Strong, which is a christian club at her school. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. Klein also enjoys tutoring and helping the younger students when she is able to. Away from school, she is also very involved at her church.

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