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Ponca City’s Ivan McFarlin – Teacher of the Month – Presented By First National Bank

By Derrick Smith

Most teachers will tell you that they became a teacher because of a teacher or teachers that made a huge impact on their lives when they were younger. Ivan McFarlin is no different. He says that he can look back to a few different teachers that were big influences on his life.

“There were three teachers that influenced me to be myself,” he said. “In elementary school, Mrs. Morehouse was my third grade teacher and she always told me to be humble. In middle school, I had a lot of them, but Mrs. McCammon was my favorite because she taught math. In high school, Mr. Miller and Mr. Blackmon were my teachers because they treated me like a student rather than an athlete.”

Ivan teaches Health and Physical Education at Ponca City High School. He is also the head coach of the boys basketball team at Ponca City. While he loves his sports, McFarlin is also proud of his family.

“My lovely wife, Angela, and I have four wonderful children,” he said. “Ivan, Matthew, MiKayla, and Austin.”

He says that he loves teaching kids the importance of being healthy, but he also enjoys building relationships and learning about his students.

“I love teaching the youth about the essential needs for school and staying fit or in shape,” Ivan said. “This job gives me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of getting in shape and also learning more about what your body does and tolerates. Another reason I enjoy teaching is that I love talking and relating to what our generation of kids are going through or getting into. I feel that my experience and knowledge of certain situations can prepare and be aware of what is being seen in the world.”

Although he has to spend time teaching and coaching, McFarlin enjoys getting in some family time whenever he can. 

“I love playing with my kids and watching movies,” he said. “It’s a good time to bond and have personal time. Another activity I do is fantasy football and video games. Finally, I love spending time with my basketball team and making them better for the future games.”

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