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Ponca City’s Jeneva Nelson Teacher Spotlight Presented by First National Bank Ponca City

By Payton Moody 

Meet Jeneva Nelson, a dedicated educator with a heart for making a lasting impact on her students’ lives. With a strong support system and a passion for teaching, she brings a vibrant energy to West Middle School in Ponca City.

Nelson’s family plays a pivotal role in her life’s journey. “I have two daughters, Kinzlie and Ever,” she said. “My sister is a high school science teacher and coaches the softball and basketball teams at Sayre. My mom is a retired teacher but still subs frequently, and my dad is still one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters.” The foundation of education and support within her family has undoubtedly contributed to Nelson’s passion for teaching.

Currently teaching 6th grade math at West Middle School, Nelson finds joy in the ever-evolving nature of her profession. “It’s a new challenge every day,” she said. “It’s a chance to teach and learn something new. It’s always evolving and never the same!” 

The decision to become an educator was driven by Nelson’s desire to make a difference. “I wanted to make an impact whether it was big or small,” Nelson said. “I wanted someone who might have felt like they didn’t have anyone fighting for them to know I would.” Growing up with a lifelong educator as a mother further solidified her understanding of the profound impact that teaching can have.

Reflecting on her own educational journey, Nelson fondly remembers the teachers who left an indelible mark. “Coach Stephens, my high school math teacher, made me want to be a math teacher first,” she recalled. “Mrs. Chennoweth was probably one of my favorite teachers of all time as well.”

Outside the classroom, Nelson’s interests encompass a diverse range of activities. From serving at LifeKids and spending time with her children to coaching, cooking, and embarking on little adventures, she embraces life with enthusiasm.

Nelson’s dedication to her students and her profession is encapsulated in the advice she treasures: “Take the time to learn each one of your students and enjoy every moment. Kids grow up quick and move on to other grades. Love them when you can and prepare them for the next steps.”

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