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Ponca City’s Jennifer Schaefer Mom Spotlight Presented by Ponca City Real Estate Co.

There are a lot of things that come along with being a parent. Along with just taking care of your children, you are also there to help them grow and become responsible human beings. Jennifer Schaefer says that being the parent of a high school athlete brings some pressure.

“It’s difficult making the right decisions,” she said. “ Guiding them and continuing to push them in the right direction is by far the most difficult thing to do as an athlete’s parent. There are days they want to throw in the towel and we have to encourage them to keep going.”

Schaefer has a freshman this year that plays club soccer and also runs varsity in cross country and plays soccer at Ponca City High School. Her youngest daughter plays soccer and basketball.

Along with being a parent, Jennifer also holds down a full time job and volunteers for her kids’ sports.

“I am a nurse at our local hospital,” she said. “I am also the Multimedia Coordinator for the Ponca City Soccer Board and Treasurer for the Cross Country Booster Club. I am looking forward to joining the high school booster club in the spring.”

While she enjoys that her children play sports, Schaefer knows that it is vital to make sure they keep their priorities in order.

“It’s very important for my child’s education to always be a priority,” she said. “They are aware that they have to stay on top of their grades to be able to play sports. They also know that there has to be a balance for everything. For their mental health we encourage family time, praying, and self care. Physically we encourage the girls to stay active and maintain a healthy diet. We don’t want them to have to stop playing sports due to injuries or burn out.”

As an invested community member, Jennifer is proud to be a part of the Ponca City school district. “I love our high school and the encouragement they provide our athletes,” she stated. “The coaches try hard to work together and balance their schedule for students who play multiple sports. They encourage students to stay healthy and teach them about responsibility. The high school also has a group called the Future Christian Athletes. Our administrators care about the overall well-being of the students and it shows.”

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