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Ponca City’s Kevin Frazier – Teacher of the Month – Presented By First National Bank

By Derrick Smith

When we are younger, we have an idea of what we want to do with our lives. But over time, our plans can change or our dreams change and we end up doing something different. That is what happened to Kevin Frazier.

“I grew up on a farm west of Tonkawa,” he said.  “I always planned on being a veterinarian, but by the second week of school of my freshman year, I knew I was going to be an Ag teacher. It was there that I was exposed to Mr. Danny Wedel, a twenty-two-year-old first-year teacher that made a huge impact on me. It took but a short exposure to him, Ag class, and FFA to decide on a career choice and I’ve never looked back.”

Frazier is currently the Ag teacher and FFA advisor at Ponca City High School. In December, he will celebrate his forty-second year of teaching, all of which has been in Ponca City. Kevin has two ex-wives, four grown children, one grandson, one granddaughter, and another granddaughter due any day. 

Over the years, Frazier says he has received some really good advice, but the best came when he was in his first few years of teaching. 

“The best advice I received from the old timers when I was a young teacher was to not get too hung up on yourself as a teacher,” he said. “Be sure you understand that the custodians, lunch ladies, secretaries, crossing guards, teacher aides, bus drivers , administrators and counselors, and especially the parents have just as important a role in education as a teacher does.”

Frazier’s favorite thing about teaching is being able to impact his students and help them understand how to make the world a better place.
“My favorite part of being an educator is having the opportunity to work with young people on a daily basis,” he stated. “To be able to awaken in them the desire to serve others and try to make our world a better place to live. To educate them concerning our food and fiber system and to provide them a place to learn life skills, not just facts from a book.”

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