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Ponca City’s Kylie Flowers – Tennis Spotlight – Presented by Equity Bank of Ponca City

By Scott Metz

Ponca City High School senior Kylie Flowers has a passion for playing tennis. Kylie plays 1 double, and has been playing for 3 and a half years for the Ponca City Wildcats.

Kylie strives to excel in tennis. “My motivation comes from the urge of always wanting to improve and do my best. “

With each match, and set, Kylie represents her school and her community, and she is proud to do so. Kylie stated, “It means a lot to represent Ponca. Since our tennis team is not known to do as well, it is important to me that my partner,Alli Edwards, and I are winning matches and making Ponca proud.”

Most student athletes have a role model, and this is certainly the case for Kylie. Kylie explained, “One of my biggest role models is Emma Kimbrel. She has taught me to play aggressive and have a fire in my heart when I am on the court, just as she did.”

Many memories are made during a student athlete’s career. Kylie accounted, “A recent highlight was coming back from losing, and then winning my consolation match against Guthrie in the Stillwater tournament.”

During a student athlete’s academic journey, there is usually someone that sticks out as someone who has helped them along that journey. Kylie stated, “The teacher that has had the biggest impact on my life is Coach Collenback. She has believed in me through thick and thin, and has always pushed me to do my best.”

In terms of what it has taken Kylie to become successful in the sport of tennis, Kylie explained, “It has taken countless lessons, camps, and hours of practice to get to where I am today.”

In addition to playing Tennis for the Ponca City Wildcats, Kylie is a member of the National Honor Society.”

After graduating from Ponca City High School, Kylie plans on continuing her education, as well as continuing to play sports at the collegiate level. Kylie proclaimed, “After graduating, I will be attending Wartburg College, in Iowa, to major in chemical engineering and play tennis.”

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