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Ponca City’s Kyra Allison – Basketball Spotlight – Presented by Phillips 66 Ponca City

High school students can have a variety of people that make a big impact on their lives. Some may be people that are a part of their everyday life, while others may look up to celebrities or professional athletes. Kyra Allison has a few people that she sees as influential in her life and she says she would not be the person she is today without them.

“The biggest role models that I have in my life are my grandma and my mother,” she said. “They both showcase what it’s like to be a powerful woman by persevering and leading their lives through Christ. The teacher with the biggest impact on my life would have to be my orchestra teacher, Mrs. Cochran. She always manages to make me smile and feel loved as soon as I step into class.”

Kyra is a senior at Ponca City High School, where she is a member of the basketball, soccer, and track teams. She is also involved in the Symphonic Orchestra.

The teammates that she competes alongside is a group that Allison says she is truly thankful for. Not just for the camaraderie during competition, but also for they way they help each other improve.

“I enjoy going against each of my teammates in practice,” Kyra said. “But I’d say I enjoy playing against Calissa Collins the most. She gets this game-like mentality and regardless of how close our friendship is, she doesn’t go easy on me. Every girl on the team deserves more recognition and respect for their impact on the game.”

When game day rolls around, Allison says that there are a couple of teams that getting the win against are a little sweeter.
 “I always love beating Stillwater and Enid,” she stated. “But last year, the win over Putnam City North last in the Robson was extraordinary. The entire team’s hustle and determination to win just showed me and everyone else in that gym that we were tired of being underestimated.”

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