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Ponca City’s Sutton Reynolds – Tennis Spotlight – Presented by Tom Henley Shelter Insurance 

Tennis is a tough game that requires a lot of preparation in order to be successful. Sutton Reynolds plays tennis for Ponca City High School and he says that along with the physical work, you also have to have a good mentality.
 “For me to be successful at my sport, it has taken a lot of practice,” he said. “You also have to stay out of your head and be right mentally.”

Sutton is a sophomore at Ponca City. Along with playing tennis, he is also involved in the Student Council. 

Being able to wear the Ponca City uniform and school colors when he competes is something that Reynolds is proud to be able to do.

“It feels great,” he said. “I feel like every time I win it’s for Ponca it’s our name and it makes us look better and it’s all fun.”

Sutton enjoys competing against his teammates in practice because he feels that it makes him a better player. 

“I like playing against Luke Blum the most,” he said. “We both have been hitting against each other for years and progressed and got better together therefore we play the best when we go against each other we can read each other’s every move. Tennis is a close community sport and we see a lot of the same opponents at every tournament and we know them well so winning and losing is just a good fun experience but obviously winning is better.”

There is a member of his tennis team that Reynolds says is probably underappreciated more than he should be.

“Jude Sinton is who I would say is underrated,” he said. “He got thrown at the hardest spot you can play number one singles and he had a very very rough season like we all would but he handled it very well and still came back this season which is something I would find hard doing.”

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