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Corridor Sports Zone

Coyle’s Xavier Amaro – Player Spotlight Presented by Central Rural Electric Coop

By Derrick Smith

Sometimes students struggle in a certain situation and getting into a new situation can do wonders to help the student. Xavier Amaro is one of those students that had to deal with some adversity. But after transferring, he has seen a huge difference in himself.

“I moved to Coyle from Guthrie which is much bigger than Coyle,” he said. “At Guthrie, I was not accepted and had to prove myself and be someone that I was not. Once I moved to Coyle, it felt like family, and I was able to become a better person.”

Xavier is a sophomore at Coyle High School where he is a multiple sport athlete. He plays football, baseball, track, and powerlifting. He has played baseball and football for about six years, but he is a little newer to the other ones.

Amaro has had a few people that have made big impacts on his life throughout the years. But the impact they have all made is immeasurable.

“Muhammad Ali is someone that I look up to because he was confident and never took no for an answer,” he said. “My mom, step-dad, and brother have also had a big impact on my life and helped me become the person that I am today.”

Another person that has made a difference in his life is one of his teachers at Coyle.

“Mrs. Larman would have to be my favorite teacher,” he said. “She has taught me that even though I might not know a skill right now, it is taught so I can use it for the rest of my life.”

There are a number of things that go into someone being the best athlete that they can be, and Xavier says it is has also helped him become a better person. 

“Being humble is important,” he said. “You also have to admit when you are wrong or mess up and know that there are always things you still need to work on.”

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Corridor Sports Zone

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