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Davenport’s Campbell Miller – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

As the end of the school year approaches, a select few will leave the comforts of home and head off on a new adventure. That adventure is the United States Army. Students like Campbell Miller of Davenport High School will start their journey towards becoming a member of the Oklahoma National Guard. 

Miller, like many of his peers, has his own reasons for wanting to join the military.

“I wanted to join the Coast Guard after seeing a video of them in action, boarding and taking control of a drug smuggling submarine. I was 16 at the time and that video really caught my attention. That’s when I knew I wanted to join but I’ve always had an attraction to the military,” said Miller. 

Coming from a family with a military background, it certainly seemed like a natural step.

“My father previously served in the U.S. Navy and fought in Operation Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom. I also have multiple family members who have served so it was always something I wanted to do long before coming across that video,” said Campbell. “An Army National Guard recruiter was scheduled to come to our language arts class my junior year. The reason I chose the National Guard is because I wanted to go to college and have some time to build my resume for my dream job of being a U.S. Marshall on the civilian side rather than being tied down on active duty all the time.”

While serving in the National Guard, Miller will be a 31 Bravo or Military Police which is a job that will help him achieve his goals in the civilian world. Miller was a member of the Davenport football team for four years and made All-District his junior year. He also participated in track, wrestling and baseball at different levels and grades. Now a senior, his athletics is something he utilized while in basic training. Miller opted for an option of completing basic training before he graduated. 

“When I signed my contract, I had the option to do what’s called “split ops” which is where you can leave over the summer between your junior and senior year of high school to do basic training then after you graduate high school you go back to your training station and do AIT (Advanced Individual Training) which is where they will train you in whatever job you chose,” said Miller.  

In his free time, Miller said he enjoys spending it with family and friends. 

“Being gone from them for three months during basic training really made me realize how much I love them. I like to kick it with my two brothers on the weekends doing just about anything under the sun,” said Miller. “I also like spending time with my two amazing sisters.”

Miller also mentioned his grandparents, aunts, his father, and uncle Kevin as people he enjoys spending time with. 

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