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Mannford’s Tamara Moss – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Indian Electric Cooperative, Inc

By Derrick Smith

Throughout an athlete’s career, they enjoy a lot of memorable moments with their teammates, both during and away from competition. Tamara Moss says that her favorite moment is more about the preparation for competition and not just the competition. 

“I would say my highlight moment would have to be all the practices we had when we were working on game day,” she said. “We all bonded so much as a squad and that’s when I looked around thinking to myself in awe of how in just a few short months I’ll be graduating and that I am so blessed to have such an amazing squad.”

Moss is a senior at Mannford High School. She has cheered since she was in the sixth grade, and she is currently a flyer on the varsity squad. Becoming the cheerleader that she is today has not been easy, but she says that the work has paid off. 

“This may sound cliché, but it really is all about being a hard worker,” she said. “You have to choose to have the determination to want to better yourself.”

Moss says that she has some great role models that she looks up to and that have helped her become who she is today.

“My parents are my biggest influence and role models,” she said. “My parents have taught me that grace, determination, working hard and having faith in God’s plans for my life is what will lead me to getting to my dreams.”

Someone else that has made a difference in Tamara’s life is her cosmetology teacher, Mrs. Frick.

“One of her famous quotes is ‘remember where you come from’,” she said. “That has helped me to stay humble in situations. Mrs. Frick has been a huge inspiration and a huge light of God’s love.”

Away from sports, she is in the Cosmetology program at Drumright Central Tech. She also volunteers with a number of different organizations. She is going to use what she learns from Central Tech to give her a boost for her future.

“After I graduate, I plan to train as a barber and do hair and makeup for weddings,” she said. “By then I will be a full-time cosmetologist.”

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Corridor Sports Zone

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