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Ponca City’s Aubrey Anderson – Mom of the month presented by the ponca city real estate co.

By Derrick Smith

Aubrey Anderson is the mother of four boys who have made sports a main part of their lives. While it may keep their lives busy at times, she says that participating in sports is a great thing and she loves that they are involved.

“Sports has always been a big part of our life, from soccer practices to baseball games,” she said. “The amazing memories made, the teammates that become like family, and the life lessons learned on and off the field. Showing up not just for yourself but for your team. Showing how to be a good sport through loss and adversity. Respect, for not only your teammates but for the other teams, coaches and refs. All of these things help in building strong character, discipline and work ethic. This is all a big part of making the world a better place, raising strong, humble, and kind athletes.”

Anderson’s son Bayler is a senior at Ponca City High School where he is a member of the football and baseball teams. Cayden is a junior at Ponca City. He plays football and soccer. He is also involved with S3, young life, and the St. Luke’s Nazarene youth group. Cayden also plays soccer for the KC Legends in Kansas City. Aubrey homeschools her two youngest boys, eighth grader Gavyn and sixth grader Quaid. 

It is not really surprising that Anderson’s kids are involved in athletics as she was a member of multiple teams as a high school student at Ponca City. 

“I am a proud graduate of Ponca City High School,” she said. “I played basketball, volleyball, and was a PO-HI Stepper.”

With her kids being second generation Wildcats, Aubrey is glad they are carrying on the tradition.

“I am so thankful to have been a part of the Wildcat family and I’m proud that my kids continue on the Wildcat traditions. We have an amazing amount of parent and community support. I am so thankful to be a small part of encouraging and supporting current and future Wildcats.”

Photo courtesy of @photographybyjes

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