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Ponca City’s Calissa Collins – Basketball Spotlight – Presented by Equity Bank

Throughout each person’s life, there can be a number of people that have an influence on them and shape who they become. These role models can be someone that they look up to from a distance, such as a celebrity or professional athlete, or it can be someone that is a part of their everyday life. 

Calissa Collins is a senior at Ponca City High School. While she has had people that have impacted her life, she has one person that has played a big role in who she is. 

“My biggest influence is my brother,” she said. “He had big dreams and always told me what I could do better on and off the court. He definitely inspired me and I looked up to him in everything I do.”

A guard on the Lady Wildcats basketball team, Collins enjoys the game and says it takes a lot in order to be her best. 

“To be successful in basketball, it takes actually trying during practice,” she said. “You have to work hard all the time and be ready for game situations. You also have to stay motivated. My biggest motivation is my team because I want to play my best for them.”

As a student in the classroom, Collins has learned subjects from a lot of teachers. Out of all of those teachers, she has one that stands out as her favorite. 

“The teacher that has had the biggest impact on my life is Ms. Marsh,” she said. “She actually helps me and works with me. I am really thankful for her.”

When Calissa steps out on the court to compete with her team, she says that wearing the Ponca City uniform is special to her and something she does not take lightly.

“It means a lot to be able to play for this community,” she stated. “Especially, considering all the love that they have shown us after what happened in this past year, and knowing that if we had a bad game or not the community will always have our back.”

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