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Ponca City’s Jennifer Schaefer: Mom of the Month Presented by Ponca City Real Estate

Behind most successful athletes you will find a group of people that are there to support them and cheer them on. Usually heading up that group is a parent that drives them to practice, purchases the gear they need, and does whatever else needs to be done. Jennifer Schaefer is one of those parents and she says that she does that because sports are about more than just being good athletes. 

“I feel like sports are very important for kids to obtain new qualities, traits, and challenges,” she said. “They learn qualities such as becoming responsible and respectful out in the field. They also learn to make quick decisions and focus on one task at a time. They learn to expand their social skills and character, and teach them to set goals. Eventually, they use these traits and apply them to school or life events. I feel like sports help develop their brain and use different parts of it, it is very essential for them to play a sport. Sports overall fuel their body and mind. We encourage them to play at least one sport every season. I enjoy seeing get stronger and better at those sports.”

Schaefer has two daughters in the Ponca City school district. Melanie is an eighth grader who plays soccer and runs track and cross country. Bethanie is in the fourth grade. She plays soccer as well, but her true passion is basketball.

Jennifer is a nurse for Alliance Health Ponca City on the medical surgical floor. She says that she loves being a nurse but also enjoys her downtime. 

“Nursing has always been a passion for me,” she said. “I find it rewarding to help others in their time of need. This profession always keeps on giving and there are always new things to learn. In my free time, I like to pick up new hobbies. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking and cooking. For relaxation, I enjoy painting.”

The community of Ponca City is a place that Schaefer is happy to raise her family and be a part of. 

“I love our community for always being involved with our athletes,” she said. “They are very supportive when it comes to sports. I am very thankful we chose this city to raise our children because of our amazing community.”

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