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Stillwater Teacher of the Month: Ethan Kyle Spotlight By Simmons Bank

When people think about a teacher, most of their minds go to a person standing in front of the room, teaching a subject, and trying to help their students learn as much info as possible. Ethan Kyle, who is a teacher at Stillwater High School, says that teaching is more than that, at least in his eyes.
“Education is not about stuffing information into your brain,” Kyle stated. “It’s about drawing your own ‘self’ outside of its boundaries and embracing the meaning that life offers to the courageous.”
Ethan is a graduate of Francis Howell High School in St. Charles, Missouri. As a high school student, Kyle was a member of the school’s wrestling team. He now teaches Adaptive PE and is the head wrestling coach for the Pioneers. He says that being a teacher allowed him to be able to help high school students that wanted to also be athletes.

“For me, education was the path to mentor young student-athletes,” he said. “I was recruited to Stillwater by local wrestling supporters.”
There were a number of teachers that were influential on Ethan throughout his educational career. But he has one that really made the biggest impact.
“That teacher for me was Mr. Tim Pecoraro,” he said. “He was a great teacher that cared for his students.”
The community of Stillwater is a great place for Ethan and his family and he is proud to call it home.
“People have a sense of pride in being from Stillwater,” he said. “There are outstanding students and families that have very high ambitions and a blue-collar work ethic to pursue goals.”
When he is not in the classroom, Kyle has other ways that he enjoys spending his time.
“I will have four kids under six years of age come July 2023,” he said. “So I don’t have free time. I enjoy being their dad and spending time with them and my beautiful wife Erin. When I get free time again someday, I look forward to fishing and golfing.”

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