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Stillwater’s Tristan Parks – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Larry Gosney- StateFarm


Stillwater High School freshman Tristan Parks is a member of the varsity golf team and is focused on helping his team win. Despite being a freshman, Parks is focused on two things: golf and grades.

“Academics are important to me because I would like to get into a good college after high school. I would like to graduate with a good GPA and get a scholarship into a good D-1 college golf program. I am currently not involved in any clubs or extracurricular activities due to my dedication to golf,” said Parks.

Like many of his peers, Parks has a favorite subject and teacher in school.

“My favorite school subject would be math,” said Parks. “My favorite teacher is Mr. Forney because he is super fun, funny, and very kind.”

As an underclassman, Parks said his teammates push each other to get better and this is something he enjoys.

“I love my team because we have good competition with one another, and they are always pushing me to be the best I can be. We build each other up daily,” said Parks.

Not having time for other activities is a sacrifice Parks is willing to make, but when he does have time he enjoys spending it with friends and family.

“During my free time I participate in church events, hang out with my friends, but when I don’t have much to do, I typically go golf by myself,” said Parks.

With four seasons to improve his craft, Parks plans to continue working on his game and representing his school with class.

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