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Stillwater’s Weston Lacy Spotlight By Stillwater Family Care

Weston Lacy looks to finish this golf season with some impressive stats.
Weston is a Junior at Stillwater High School and he has been playing golf for four years. During his time playing golf, he has learned to enjoy his sport most for the competitive aspect that it allows. “I enjoy the competition in golf,” he shares. He was sure to mention that in golf he also enjoys “outthinking his playing partners and trying to make everything he looks at.”
Being involved in golf for four years has allowed Weston to learn important lessons that are applicable both on and off the course. One lesson that he has learned that has stuck with him is the importance of patience. “The biggest lesson I have learned is to be patient and do not rush things.” In a sport like golf, patience is the key to success.

As an upperclassman, Weston assumes a natural leadership role within the team. One way that he works to be a leader is to encourage his teammates and provide support. “I like to make sure everyone is in the right mindset to win,” he says. In order to win, it is important to believe that it’s possible, and Weston is sure to make sure his team believes in themselves and each other.
Weston did not find immediate success as soon as he picked up a golf club. He had to work hard and put in the effort in order to see improvement. He used his struggles as means to become a better athlete. To those who may want to pursue golf, he offers some words of encouragement that have helped him during his golf career. “Some advice I would offer is enjoy the process of getting better and do not expect results if you don’t put in the work.”

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