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Pawnee’s Melanie Pratt-DeLaune – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by: Stillwater Medical Clinic of Pawnee

By Payton Moody 

Melanie Pratt-DeLaune, a high school student at Pawnee High School, is making a name for herself as a talented cheerleader. With her remarkable skills and a positive attitude, Melanie finds inspiration from her supportive teammates and influential teachers, making her a true standout on and off the cheer mat.

Reflecting on her teammates, Melanie understands the impact they have had on her as an athlete and person. “I admire all my teammates for different reasons, whether that be for skill, attitude, looks, or performance,” she said. However, one teammate holds a special place in her heart—her best friend, Baylee Soutter. “She always pushes me to live up to my potential and reassures me when I’m not feeling my best,” Melanie said.

Among her favorite teachers, Mrs. Brown, her world history teacher, has played a significant role in Melanie’s life. “Especially this past junior year, she has been such an influential person and always has the best advice,” she said. “She brightens a room with her attitude and smile. She keeps you in line but never puts you down.”

Preparation is crucial for a successful cheer season, and Melanie has been dedicated to improving herself. “I have tried to improve my health, eating-wise, and have started to go to the gym more often when I can,” Melanie said. “I have tried to improve my attitude going into this cheer season as well.”

Cheerleading has imparted valuable life lessons to Melanie, particularly the significance of a positive attitude. “Cheer has taught me that if you have a bad attitude about something or towards someone, you aren’t going to accomplish anything,” Melanie said. “A bad attitude means a bad team.” 

Anticipation runs high as Melanie eagerly looks forward to the state championship. “Our goal is to place in the top three,” she said. “We are working hard, and we have more skills this year than we’ve had in a few. I believe with the right attitude we can do it.”

Beyond high school, Melanie envisions her future. “I plan to eventually go to college and hopefully cheer in college,” she said. “I would like to travel and learn about all kinds of new things in this world.”

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