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Perkins’ Hannah Wolfe – Softball Spotlight – Presented by Perkins Primary Care

By: Hunter Ferguson

Perkin’s softball player Hannah Wolfe told VYPE in a recent interview, “My favorite part about being on this team is definitely the girls. Everyone has a different personality and it mixes together perfectly! There’s never a time when we don’t include each other and we share this incredible work ethic. Great talent all across the board.” Throughout her time playing softball Wolfe says that it “has taught me patience and dedication. I use those every day, and it really helps. Another big thing that it’s taught me is how to be mentally tough. When things get hard, it’s easier to control the mental side of it because of all the hardships I’ve faced playing softball.”

Some great advice she received earlier in her career that has helped her to persevere was from “my old travel ball coach, who said, “Don’t quit when things get hard”. It really stuck with me. Up until the point that I committed to SNU, I always felt like quitting or not pushing myself because I wasn’t seeing any results from the work I put in. I went to at least 25 camps and it was always frustrating when the work I put in before each camp didn’t show. I always think back to the moment he shared that advice with me, and I’m so thankful for it.”

This year Wolfe is hoping “to finish out my last high school semester strong and to have an awesome freshman year at Southern Nazarene University!” On her way there, Wolfe is reflecting on a few things that motivate her. One being “A teammate that left the biggest impression – Ashley Larson. She always had this super positive mindset and a great sense of humor. She picked others up and when it was time to get serious, she would get serious. Overall she’s a great leader and an even better person on and off the field!” said Wolfe.

The other, “Someone who inspires me – my dad. He’s been there for every step of my softball experience. He comforted me in my lows and celebrated with me in my triumphs. He helps out with my training and encourages me even when I don’t think I need it. He’s been very patient with me throughout my whole life and I strive to be like that!”

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