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Stillwater Academic Athlete: Josh Ford – Presented by Stillwater BancFirst

By Payton Moody

Josh Ford is a remarkable senior at Stillwater High School, whose dedication to both academics and athletics exemplifies the true spirit of a student-athlete. Ford’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to succeed while giving credit where it’s due.

As a standout football player, Ford takes on the roles of tight end and defensive end with remarkable skill and passion. He describes his favorite part of playing football as the ability to succeed and then humbly attribute that success to a higher power. “Being able to succeed and point the glory to Him,” he said.

Ford’s determination and values are deeply influenced by his role model – his father. He admires his dad’s work ethic, resilience and ability to rise from the bottom, traits that have undoubtedly been passed down to Ford. 

In the classroom, Ford has been profoundly impacted by Chad Hamsch, a Bible teacher who has ignited his faith and guided him in his spiritual growth. Ford credits Hamsch with helping him “grow tremendously in my faith for Christ.”

To excel in football, Ford consistently goes above and beyond. “I’ve always done what the team asked of me,” he said. “And then by myself, I’ve always run two more extra sprints after practice just for discipline.” 

Among his many accomplishments, one highlight stands out – the high school championship of 2022. Despite being injured, Ford played a pivotal role in the final winning drive, showcasing his determination and team-first mentality.

Muskogee is the opponent that ignites Ford’s competitive fire the most. He relishes the challenge and rivalry.

Ford’s respect and camaraderie with his fellow players are evident as he highlights his challenging teammate, Nolan Lantz, an impressive offensive lineman who pushes Ford to his limits.

As an active member of his school and community, Ford is involved in various clubs and organizations, including NHS, FCA, KLife, and Countryside Youth Group.

Ford’s future aspirations are fueled by his passion for football, and he draws inspiration from NFL teams and their daily practice clips. He aims to continue honing his skills, working toward his ultimate goal and honoring his faith in the process.

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