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Stillwater’s Katie Sajewski: Teacher Spotlight – Presented by Simmons Bank

While teaching can be a tough profession at times, it can also be very rewarding at times. Katie Sajewski is a teacher at Stillwater High School and she enjoys seeing her students improve and achieve their goals.

“I really enjoy watching kids have ‘ah-ha’ moments with art but also really love watching the students grow as people,” she said. “They’re funny, creative, kind, and ever-learning people. I really enjoy teaching a lesson and then saying ‘not to sound too hippy dippy here…’ when I connect the art making process to real life. ‘Put your eraser down and be more raw with your audience. Let’s be more honest to the people around us.’”

Katie teaches art to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. She also teaches Fine Arts and Art 2. This is her fourth year of teaching and her second at Stillwater. Before that, she taught for two years at Gallup High School in New Mexico.

Becoming a teacher was something that Katie decided to do because of teachers that she learned from and made an impact on her.
“I owe a great deal of my excitement for art to every art teacher I had from kindergarten to college,” she stated. “My two high school art teachers, Mrs. Richards and Mr. Kauitzsch, knew exactly how to push me to do more with kindness and humor. One of my professors at OSU, Jack Titus, made the most impact on how I teach and move through life. The understanding and patience he showed to me is something I try to bring to my classroom every day.”

As most teachers do, Sajewski has received different pieces of advice from others in her profession. She has some of that advice that she still uses.

“I was told kids hardly ever get apologies from adults in their life,” she said. “As a first year teacher, mistakes were inevitable so I was told to get good at apologizing and making a change. I use that advice constantly. I can try a new lesson, see it fell flat, and go ‘alright so I beefed it. I’m grateful for your kindness and patience with me. I have a new idea I’d like to try’ and the kids will go ‘sounds good!’”

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