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Stillwater’s Lora Frost – Teacher Spotlight – Presented by Simmons Bank

There are moments in our lives that can shift the path we are on and push us in a new direction. It could be a big change or a small change, but either way, it is something that was not expected. Lora Frost had a specific moment in her life that helped her decide what area of the education field she wanted to pursue.

“I chose to be a special educator for students with hidden disabilities after a college volunteer experience working with a kindergarten student who had experienced a horrific trauma that stalled his academic growth,” she recalled. “I saw that time, patience, and connection helped him begin the healing and learning process again.”

Frost covers multiple locations within the Stillwater Public School district. She is at Stillwater High School, Lincoln Alternative Academy, and Stillwater Virtual Academy. She works with ninth through twelfth graders with IEP and 504 accommodations. Lora has been with Stillwater Public Schools for ten years and she has spent 40 years in the education field in total. 

As an instructor, Frost has a lot of things about her job that she enjoys and seeing her students grow is one of them.

“I enjoy providing students the opportunity to reach their full potential and to provide teachers the tools to support their students,” she said.

After spending a decade in the Stillwater school district as an educator, Lora brags about her fellow teachers and says that her school has great people in the district that care about the kids.  

“Stillwater is full of amazing educators who put the needs of their students at the forefront of all decisions they make,” she said. “And it does not matter the needs and backgrounds of the students.”

Frost has been given different pieces of advice throughout her career, but she says that there are a couple that have stuck with her to this day. 

“Always assume positive intent,” Lora said. “Also, meet your students where they are and take them as far as they can go.”

When she is not in the classroom, Frost enjoys reading, gardening, and exploring Oklahoma State parks and fishing with her husband and grandson. 

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