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Stillwater’s Mom of the Month Debbie Shotwell Presented by All Around Cowgirl Boutique

Stillwater Mom of the Month 

Debbie Shotwell 

Mother to Madalynn Shotwell, a senior at Stillwater High School and a member of the varsity softball team, Debbie Shotwell is acting secretary of the Lady Pioneer booster club. 

“As secretary I am responsible for the minutes at our meetings as well as any correspondence between the coaches and our parents. I also create the social media graphics and manage our social media channels as well as run our streaming service for all our games,” said Shotwell. 

As a volunteer, Shotwell has watched many of the current players grow up in the system.

“For me, I have enjoyed getting to know so many players and their families. Having a senior this year who has played school ball since sixth grade, I’ve watched them grow up playing softball. I’ve watched them grow not just on the field, but also into intelligent young women who are driven to achieve their goals. Many of the women I have met through the booster club have become extended family members. Our president, Kelsey Vaughn, and her husband, Jarrod, are truly some of the most selfless people I know. They have poured so many resources into our program. I admire and respect them immensely. I never would’ve met either without volunteering,” said Shotwell. 

Volunteering is something Shotwell has enjoyed doing. The Shotwell family made it a priority to be involved in their daughter’s life. 

“Kids are only young for a small amount of time in their lives. It’s a priority for me and my husband, Tommy, to be at everything we can whether it’s a game or a class presentation. We believe strongly in showing up matters. We both had parents who always supported our endeavors, and we just want the same for our daughter,” said Shotwell. 

A graduate of Bartlesville High School, Shotwell said the Stillwater school district has been a great place to raise their daughter. 

“Madalynn was born and raised in Stillwater. She’s had some wonderful teachers who have helped mold her into the person she is today. As far as athletics goes, I continue to be impressed with how successful so many of our teams are given the limited resources so many programs have. I think that is a testament to the many parents who support the programs with their time and financial contributions,” said Shotwell. 

When they’re not at the ballpark, you can find them attending sporting events at Oklahoma State University and spending time with family and friends. 

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