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Stillwater’s Paul Grant – Teacher Of The Month – Presented By Simmons Bank

Brittany Coleman with Paul Grant

By Payton Moody

Meet Paul Grant, an esteemed educator at Stillwater High School, whose passion for teaching and coaching has left an irrevocable mark on his students. With 13 years of teaching experience under his belt, Grant’s journey has been defined by dedication, family values and a love for both history and athletics.

Grant’s family includes his wife, Tommie Grant, and their son, Corbin, creating a strong foundation that parallels the close-knit community he fosters in the classroom.

As an 11th-grade U.S. History teacher and coach of cross country and track, Grant embodies the spirit of education both in and out of the classroom.

His educational journey spans across multiple schools, including Yale High School for two years and Morrison High School for seven years. The decision to become an educator was a natural one, as he hails from a family of educators and coaches, making it a logical and fulfilling choice to continue the legacy.

Reflecting on his own educational experience, Grant points to Mrs. Cheatwood, his 3rd-grade teacher at Will Rogers, as a significant influence. Her positivity left an impression on him, inspiring his approach to teaching.

For Grant, the joy of being an educator comes from the ability to make history relevant and engaging for his students. “To show them how similar past issues are relevant today, just in an older context,” he said, highlighting his mission to help students connect the dots between history and contemporary society.

In his teaching journey, Grant has received invaluable advice that shapes his approach. “Teach with a good intent and not everyone wants to hear you talk all period long,” he said, emphasizing the importance of intention and student engagement.

Beyond the classroom, Grant’s passion extends to the great outdoors. He and his wife recently purchased a cabin in Colorado, spending their summers amidst the mountains.

Paul Grant’s legacy as an educator is defined by his dedication to his students, his innovative teaching methods, and his ability to make history come alive. He embodies the values of family, education, and personal growth, leaving an enduring impact on the lives he touches.

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