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Teacher Of The Month: Ponca City’s Amie Huster – Presented By: First National Bank of Oklahoma

By Payton Moody

Amie Huster is a devoted educator and enthusiastic strength and conditioning coach who passionately shares her insights into her transformative role. Alongside her family, which includes her two children, Lexie and Logan, currently pursuing their higher education and high school studies respectively, Huster shines as a prominent figure within the Ponca City High School community.

“In the last 3 years, I’ve been an active part of Ponca City High School, taking on the role of a strength and conditioning coach,” Huster said. Her unconventional path led her to work in the school’s main office while she completed her degree, granting her a unique vantage point to engage with students inside and outside the classroom.

Beyond the realm of mere exercises, Huster’s dedication resonates with her desire to foster growth and essential life skills. “I see my role as a chance to truly impact young student athletes, teaching them the advantages of weightlifting, instilling vital life skills, and offering invaluable guidance,” she said. Her mission extends further, as she endeavors to create a secure space for her students, where trust and confidence in their coaches are paramount.

Huster’s aspiration to become an educator took root in the influential teachers and coaches who left a lasting impression during her own high school years. “Cheryl Kinkaid and Lanita Herford (Aldrich), my cheerleading coaches and teachers, demonstrated the significance of unwavering commitment and diligence,” Huster said. Fueled by gratitude, she channels her energy into nurturing her athletes with the same dedication.

Her enthusiasm finds its foundation in the joy derived from her students and athletes. “Every day, they invigorate me with their presence and inspire me to offer unwavering support,” she shares. 

Amidst her teaching and coaching responsibilities, Huster enjoys in the great outdoors, often spending cherished moments with her family and friends. Whether savoring leisurely lake days, exploring novel dining experiences, or simply relishing leisure time, Huster exemplifies the art of balancing her dynamic lifestyle.

With the dawn of the 2023-2024 school year on the horizon, Huster is excited for the new year. Amie Huster is a passionate educator and coach, an asset to Ponca City High School.

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