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Chandler’s Leah Brannon – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Thompson’s AFR Insurance Agency

By Derrick Smith

There is an enormous amount of work that an athlete must put in to be their best. But the really good athletes will tell you that just doing the work is not the important thing. It is being committed to doing the work and never taking a day off or giving up.

Leah Brannon competes in multiple sports which requires a lot of work and effort from her. She says that the success that she has enjoyed can be attributed to one word.

“Discipline,” she stated. “Throughout the summer preceding my junior year, I spent most days working out at our local Cross Fit gym. When school started and my schedule filled up, I continued to attend Cross Fit sessions at 5:30 a.m. before school every day. I was especially successful in cross country that year, earning several titles including All State”

Brannon is a senior at Chandler High School where she competes in cross country, basketball, archery, powerlifting, and track. She has earned numerous awards over the years competing in these sports including championship and state qualifiers just to name a few.

She has had numerous people in her life that have influenced her, but there are none that have made a bigger impact than her dad.

“My dad is the biggest inspiration for my life,” she said. “Ten years before I was born, he experienced a terrible car accident on his way to a medical school interview. His spinal cord was severed, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. As a quadriplegic, my dad has overcome tremendous obstacles to complete medical school and become a highly esteemed physician, currently serving as chair of the admissions board for the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He has always told me that there is nothing I cannot do. I believe him. This knowledge motivates me to work hard for what I want and gives me confidence in my ability to succeed.”

With graduation approaching, Brannon has her post high school plans ready. 

“I plan to study aeronautical and/or astronautical engineering,” she said. “I have applied to the United States Air Force Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brigham Young University, and the University of Oklahoma. After receiving acceptances, I will weigh my options, pray, and decide which institution to attend.”

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Corridor Sports Zone

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