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Wellston’s Mackenzie Webb Athlete Spotlight Presented by Central Electric Co Op

High school athletes spend a lot of time with their teammates at practice, a competition, and even traveling to games. Throughout a season, they can share a lot of great moments just being together. Mackenzie Webb is a senior at Wellston High School. She says that she enjoys all of those times spent with her teammates.

“The highlight moment in my career would be all of the memories,” she said. “I love going out everyday with my teammates working to get better and expanding our athletic program.”

Webb plays softball and cheers for the Tigers. Outside of sports, she is also involved in the National Honor Society, takes concurrent courses, and works on the yearbook. 

Throughout her life, Mackenzie has had a number of people that have influenced her and helped shape her into the person she is today. 

“The biggest role model in my life would definitely be my mom, Cindy,” Mackenzie said. “She never fails to try her best to be at every game, and supports me in whatever decisions I make even if she disagrees. Another would be one of my teachers, Mr. Trent Hughes. He was always there for his students, and like a second dad to most of us.”

Whether she is cheering on the sidelines or playing softball, Mackenzie knows that when she wears her school colors, she is representing more than just herself. 
 “It honestly means a lot to me to be able to play for Wellston,” she said. “There are so many good athletes that have played for Wellston and got it to where it’s at. There’s also so many younger girls and guys who look up to you and think of you as a famous person. Seeing all the smiles on their faces will never get old.”

Her teammates on both teams are groups that Webb is thankful for.

“One teammate I enjoy practicing against is Kennedy Fly by a long shot,” she said. “She brings a good bat and is strong in the outfield. Competing with her keeps you on your toes.  Ataya Oliver is probably the under-appreciated team member. She quit last year and decided to come back for her senior year and had to work harder than most to get back and be better than she was.”

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